We have started out of a desire to create functional souvenirs from the Baltic Sea, inspired by unusual marine motives.

Our family homes are located at the seaside but we decided to leave our hometown Kołobrzeg a long time ago. Now we are coming back to those familiar places, to walk along the wild beaches and the seafront promenades, and to sunbath, get lazy and build (sand) castles in the air .

Our name is JASNE (Polish for “bright”, but also for “sure”) and we like coming back to the Baltic Sea. We want to take a look at the seaside towns from the explorer’s perspective. We are looking for distant connotations, playing with the seaside form and putting it into our products. JASNE is our way of preserving our memories of the sea.

We are selling our products from our souvenir truck. During the summer time, you can meet us at many festivals and events taking place at the seaside (mainly there, but we are dropping by other places too). All the products are also available on our website.

Under The Truck bookmark you can find information on our travels: where are we currently, where can you meet us and check out the products by yourself and what is going on with our truck. We want our vehicle to be a friendly harbour and a platform to promote the alternative ways of spending your time at the seaside. (For more information, go to The Truck section). You’re welcome to drop by at any time!